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 Media Interviews With Dr. Hindy


A sampling of some media interviews with Dr. Carl Hindy Ph.D. If you would like to schedule a media interview please call 603-880-8773.



~ Carl G. Hindy, Ph.D. ~
120 Main Street, Suite 103
Nashua, NH 03060 (603) 880-8773


Located toward the north end of Main St. between Temple St. and Canal St..  Across the street from Wingate Pharmacy and the Nashua Garden Restaurant.




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Carl G. Hindy, Ph.D. Provides:  Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Social Learning and Interpersonal Therapy,

Marriage Counseling, Career Guidance Counseling, Separation & Divorce Counseling,

Attachment Loss & Grief Counseling, Premarital Counseling, Clinical Psychologist,

Marriage Counselor, Pre-Marital Counseling, Family Therapy, Psychotherapists, Assessment and testing services,

Postpartum adjustment, Help with panic attacks, anger management, mood swings, bipolar disorder, Internet addiction,

psychology, Alternatives to Divorce, Understanding Effects of Divorce on Children,

Problems with In-Laws, Problems with Friends and Dating and Marital Help.


We are centrally located in Nashua NH and are very easy to get to from: Amherst NH, Hollis NH, Merrimack NH,

Bedford NH, Manchester NH, Londonderry NH, Hudson NH, Salem NH and Lowell MA.


~ Carl G. Hindy, Ph.D. ~
120 Main Street, Suite 103
Nashua, NH 03060 (603) 880-8773

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